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Image: students who participate in dialogue sessions of the book The Fountainhead. Behind, the sculpture Atlas Libertas that was inspired by the title and subject of Ayn Rand’s literary masterpiece, Atlas Shrugged. It is located on the main façade that welcomes visitors in the building of UFM's Business School.

Mission statement

Our mission is to promote discussion and reflection in order to encourage the adoption of a philosophy of life that leads a person to champion reason, individual rights, capitalism and entrepreneurial activity.

How do we fulfill our mission?

  • The Center organizes socratic dialogue sessions with students and young entrepreneurs to study objective principles as guides to excellence in thinking and action.
  • The Center offers post graduate studies in "Filosofía Objetivista " (Objectivist Philosophy) y "Teoría e Historia del Capitalismo" (Theory and History of Capitalism). Also "Introducción a las Ideas de Ayn Rand" (Introduction to the Ideas of Ayn Rand), "Ética del Capitalismo" (Ethics of Capitalism), and "Estética Objetivista" Objectivist Esthetic).
  • Aditionaly the Center organizes El Congreso Objetivista Anual - COUFMARI (Objectivist Annual Conference for Latin America), the Congreso Anual Internacional de Eruditos del Capitalismo - CAIEC (International Annual Conference for Capitalism Scholars), and the Coloquio Anual Internacional para la discusión de publicaciones relacionadas con el Capitalismo - CAIC (Annual Seminar for the discussion of Capitalism).
  • The Center also offers lectures and movie forums to the public interested in the analysis of works from an Objetivist point of view.
  • We currently write a blog titled "Capitalismo". Since its creation the blog has become one of the first sources of information of Capitalism in Spanish language. More than 10 thousand visitors have reached our blog from different parts of the world.
  • We teach online courses for international and local students in the areas of philosophy, politics, and economy.

Facts of our work:

Unique visitors of the Blog Capitalismo (Since Nov, 2009) 120487
Published Posts at Blog Capitalismo 307
Followers of the Center's page in Facebook 997
Followers of the Twitter user @capitalismoufm 922
Mentions of @capitalismoufm in Twitter Lists 47


The Center for the Study of Capitalism relies solely on the generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations. Our Center does not accept any government funding. The Center is part of Universidad Francisco Marroquin. And as a non-for-profit organization our supporters will find their donations to be tax-deductible.

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